To hack a Bliptronic…

When first introduced to the blog Create Digital Music they had an article on hacking a bliptronic 5000 from ThinkGeek to make it act something like an Arduinome or Monome. Being something of an addict of the iPhone app Melodica I was intrigued. Having college work etc to do however I wasn’t really in a position to try it myself. Now however summer is here so yesterday I ordered one! The cost of the conversion in total is about $110. Which is brilliant compared to the $250ish to make an Arduinome or the $800 it costs to buy a Monome. Obviously it’s smaller, and a little more clunky but as a starting point I think this should be rather fun. I’ll update on my progress as I go along but first the Bliptronic needs to get from America to here which may take a week or so.

- Podling

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